The Giant by Anthony Bacon Venti

Anthony Bacon Venti

Anthony Venti, ArtistAnthony Venti, the son of a Manhattan advertising photographer, grew up in a carriage house studio where pictures, deadlines, and art directors were part of life. Broadway, movies and animation inspired him to create pictures that draw people from across the room.

After graduating from The American Academy of Art in Chicago, he spent nine years as a Michigan Avenue art director, producing television storyboards and traveling to Hollywood.

Venti is a member of The Society of Illustrators and his work can be seen in Illustrator's 37. He has had many one-man shows, including the Palette & chisel Club in Chicago (1988) and his Romancing the Sea exhibit at the Penobscot Marine Museum (1996).

Mystic Seaport and The Farnsworth Art Museum also carry his best-selling posters, 'Harmony,' 'The Voyage Begins,' and his latest, 'The Familiar.' They are also available from this website.

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